Lemon Cream Pie Bars

Isn’t any time of year a great time for a vibrant and refreshing lemon dessert? One of the great things about lemons is that the majority of the year I’m able to find good ones at the grocery store.
They are a longer lasting fruit so they aren’t like berries where you have to use them within a few days or they go bad (you know, those tart, mushy, lifeless berries you are so sad to see when you open your refrigerator and realized you forgot to use them).
Lemons are much more forgiving. I store in them in my fridge for a few weeks and they still taste fresh. And what is one of the first things you think to make when life hands you lemons?
Lemon cream pie of course. This time around it’s in a more modern bar form that everyone is going to find hard to resist. Forget a round pie, bars are the new “it” thing.
Lemon Cream Pie Bars | Cooking Classy
For these I used salted butter in my crust, I like how it balances out the sweetness and any light bitterness or sourness from filling (use butter that has 100g of sodium per serving or less). Occasionally I prefer to use salted butter rather than adding in salt on my own because it seems to blend better.
Like with these, the salt wouldn’t really have a chance to dissolve and blend in if I added it on it’s own, and it would seem overpowering. If you really want to though, feel free to use unsalted butter.
These creamy bars are loaded with fresh lemon flavor and they are so easy to make. They really do just melt in your mouth.
I love the scent that filled my kitchen making these with all the fresh lemon aroma while zesting, juicing and baking. It makes it hard to be patient for the few hours of cooling they have. These are definitely worth waiting for though. Enjoy!
Side note: this recipe only uses egg yolks, so don’t toss out those egg whites, use them and make one of these recipes here.

Lemon Cream Pie Bars | Cooking ClassyLemon Cream Pie Bars | Cooking Classy

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