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Finally, one of the smartphones that should be looked forward to is landing on the editorial desk. Is realm X, a smartphone released by realm for the first time in China, and ready to pitch in the Indonesian market.
Still with the same enthusiasm, through the realm of X the pembesut seems to return to bring a better user experience, of course with a number of interesting and current features that it brings. What are the features referred to, consider the following review.
High-End Design
Realme's effort to keep abreast of growing trends, so seen in this smartphone. Yes, the X reality has an interesting side, not only from the features it brings, but also from its physical appearance. Honestly, the author likes the X reality that appears in full screen with the left-right and top bezel very thin. Except the chin is a little thicker.
Do not stop there, the thing that certainly deserves to be appreciated from the X reality is that this smartphone no longer adopts a notch or a hole in the screen. This is certainly good news, especially for those who feel disturbed by the notch or a hole in the screen, for example while watching a video. The absence of notches or holes in the screen, it is because in reality X has adopted a pop-up camera. So that the X reality can offer a full screen 19.5: 9 and has a super high screen-to-body ratio of 91.2%. So, you could say with this brand-new smartphone, the reality has made a big jump.
As already mentioned, overall the X reality is blended with an elegant look like a flagship class smartphone. At the front, this smartphone presents a Super AMOLED panel while the back panel and frame are packed with polycarbonate plastic material. Fun again, the color scheme presented by the X realm is quite interesting, so that it adds an elegant impression when seen. The REAL X that the PULSE review this time is a Space Blue color variant, which is nothing but a combination of shades of purple at the top and a little blue at the bottom. Plus a touch of glossy colors make it look sleek and unsightly.
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As a device, Real X has a body dimension of 161.3 x 76.1 x 8.6 mm and weighs 191 grams. For a smartphone with a screen size of 6.53 inches, X dimensions of that size are quite slim. This is none other than thanks to the screen ratio of 19.5: 9 making it look slim and still comfortable to hold.
Exploring to all areas of the body of X reality, we will find a number of components. In plain view on the front of the smartphone visible broad screen panel that dominates. In addition to the screen, in this area almost no other components are perched. However, if we pay close attention, in fact we can find a speaker hole (earpiece) located on the screen.
Switching to other components, the power button and SIM card slot are on the right hand side segment. On the left hand side segment, is where the volume buttons are. While at the bottom, there are four important components of a smartphone, including a 3.5 mm audio jack, microphone hole, USB-C port, and speaker hole. It should be noted, this smartphone has adopted a USB-C port, which among the advantages is in terms of faster data transfers and already supports the fast charging feature.
Looking into the back area, the most prominent component seen is the dual-camera sensor and its LED flash arranged vertically and in the middle. Interestingly on one of the camera modules, there is a ring with golden color accents. On the back there is also the pembesut company logo, which is realm.
Super AMOLED 6.53 Inch Display without Notch
You could say the X realm is the first smartphone realm that is presented with a screen without notch. Thus, once again reality has made a neat breakthrough in this sector. Realme X is packed with a type of Super AMOLED screen with a size of 6.53 inches Full HD + resolution (1080 x 2340 pixels). Among its many advantages, currently the Super AMOLED screen is a type of screen that allows it to be planted with under-display fingerprint features. This feature is now also owned by the realm X, and is one of the selling points of this smartphone.
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In order to create a super-high ratio of screen to body (91.2%), reality has applied a more precise experience ensuring that each two adjacent sides are connected by a curved transition, and all four sides are perfectly fused into the screen.
Armed with a wide screen without notch, the experience provided by X realm has also been much better, especially for watching videos, playing games, and for other activities. About the performance of the screen also no doubt, both in terms of color composition and density. The combination of the 6.53 inch screen and its 1080 x 2340 pixel resolution, the content on the screen radiates with a density reaching ~ 394 ppi.
Even in terms of responsiveness, the X screen realm is also very good. Multi-touch access offered by this smartphone screen reaches 10 points simultaneously. Interestingly, the X realm screen has also been coated with a protective Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which makes the smartphone more robust and gives users a deeper impression when watching videos and browsing images.

If the screen display in the default version is considered inadequate, in the Settings menu> Display & Brigthness there are a number of facilities that we can set to get the display as desired. Consecutive on this page there are a number of menus including Auto-Brigthness, Screen Color Temperature Adjustment, Auto Rotate, Auto Screen Off, Off-Screen Lock, Font Size, Display Size, Full Screen Display, Night Shield, and Low-Brightness Flicker -Free Eye Care. For the Low-Brightness Flicker-Free Eye Care facility, when activated this feature can reduce visual fatigue caused by the screen flickering at a low screen brightness level, but the noise on the screen will slightly increase.

OS and Interface

Not only appearing with the body-kinyis-kinyis, in matters of software realm X is also quite up to date. This smartphone runs the Android 9.0 Pie plus operating system supported by the latest Color OS 6.0. No doubt the X realm is also claimed to adopt a philosophy without limits and use margins to replace separate lines for the nuances of separation that is less visual and presents a purer interface. ColorOS 6.0 provides a smoother and more pleasant, detailed and fresher navigation experience.
Although you have included a number of application icons on the homescreen, by default in ColorOS 6.0 there is also an application drawer. Simply move the arrow from the bottom up, then the screen will display all applications that have been installed on the smartphone. Concerning the features offered, just like in previous realm smartphones, in X reality there is also a facility called Smart Service which includes features such as Smart Driving and Smart Assistant.
The Smart Driving feature is actually a system that will automatically find out when a user is driving by detecting devices connected to the Bluetooth car kit. When activated, the device supports Do Not Disturb mode when there is a telephone or messenger application for safety while driving. This feature can be found by accessing Settings> Smart Service> Smart Driving.

On the X smartphone we can also use facilities like App Management, Clone Apps, Game Space, and Split-Screen App. A little about Game Space, this feature is useful for users who like to play games, where users can choose what notifications are ignored while playing the game.
Another feature of the X realm that is also interesting is the Smart Sidebar. In position, this Smart Sidebar feature is on the right side of the screen (portrait position) or left of the screen (landscape position). With this Smart Sidebar facility we can display shortcuts for cameras, screenshots / screen recorders, messages, Facebook or other applications including games. What's interesting about this feature is that we can still set any application icon that you want to display.
In Display Fingerprint & Face Unlock
Other facilities that make the X realm above the trend come from the biometric security features. In this case, Realme X has adopted a fingerprint sensor on the screen or a cool term called In-Display Fingerprint. This feature can be embedded in real X, thanks to the screen panel it uses, which is Super AMOLED.
Realme confirms that to make fingerprint recognition under the screen safer, the realm X fingerprint screen locking feature is combined with AI technology. This combination can dynamically analyze more than a thousand feature points, assess position, and fingerprint stroke, thereby increasing recognition accuracy and unlock speed.
Meanwhile, to support the light-based fingerprint unlock, Realme X comes with five special effects animations (energy beams, mirrored flowers and moon, void field of power, radiant bright light, riding on the mists and clouds), to give a personal impression even in short moment when the cellphone is turned on.
Easily again, the real X fingerprint sensor is positioned at a comfortable distance, not too low and not too high. As far as experience, using the fingerprint sensor in real X to unlock the screen, the response is also very fast.
Biometric security features in the X realm are not just fingerprint sensors. Don't forget, this smartphone also has a face unlock feature using its cool pop-up front camera. The matter of speed is unlocking the screen with facial recognition in real X is also fast and responsive. In addition to unlocking, the X realm face recognition feature can also be used for App Lock and Private Safe. There are two scenarios that we can do to open the screen, first by sweeping the screen up or by pressing the power button.
Dual Cameras 48 MP + 5 MP
The photography sector is also one of the advantages of the X realm. How not, this smartphone adopts a dual rear camera with a combination of 48MP main camera (Sony IMX 586) + 5MP secondary camera. The main camera has a 1 / 2.0 inch sensor and a large f / 1.7 aperture. With a large aperture of f / 1.7, the rear camera realm X allows the main sensor of this phone to produce photos with natural bokeh effects. In addition, large openings also contribute to camera performance in low-light conditions.
Armed with four-in-one pixel technology, Quad Bayer (Binning Pixel) increases a single pixel to 1.6um. All combinations ensure the superiority of solid intrinsic hardware to increase the strength of scene identification, tolerance and lighting performance. In terms of software, X Realme trains the camera to a performance comparable to flagship smartphone models in the industry.

Concerning the performance of the camera in low light, low X is supported by the new generation of Nightscape mode. The combination of AI technology and multi-frame machine technology in real X can reduce noise, anti-shake when held, highlight suppression, and increase dynamic range. This gives an amazing night view picture whose brightness and details are great


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