Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen (2019) SM-P205: 8-inch Tablet with Stylus and 4G LTE

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No doubt, since the mushrooming of large sailing smartphones (pablet), the prestige of tablet PCs has also faded. In fact, some players who previously aggressively spawned tablet products finally 'gave up' and closed the line of this device.

Not so with Samsung. This Korean vendor seems to be still 'keukeuh' to work on this truly prestigious segment. If on an ordinary tablet PC only favor the big screen model that is suitable for viewing multimedia content, on this latest generation tablet Samsung collaborates with more diverse functions through the presence of the S Pen.

This is indeed not the first time Samsung has launched a tablet equipped with S Pen, but in the Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (2019) reportedly there are many updates that are quite important and interesting to be investigated. Curious? Check out the full review below.

Sales Package: Handset, Charger, data cable, manual, warranty card, Pin ejector, S Pen Tip

Color: Black, Gray

Price: Rp 3,999,000

Standard Design, But Comfortable
Speaking of design, since the appearance of the tablet PC segment for the first time there hasn't been much noticeable change in terms of appearance. On average, carrying a wide body and must use both hands to operate it. Similarly, the Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (2019).

The body structure remains the same as the Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (2016) and the product in the next 2 years. It's just that, in this latest product Samsung shows its expertise in presenting a comfortable design concept for users. Ergonomic physical construction with a slightly lighter weight than the previous product.

The choice of body material also looks more contemporary. The plastic material used is quite high quality. Cover the body has a matte texture that feels rough and not slippery. In the market, Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (2019) is available in two color choices, namely black and gray. It so happened that the PULSE tested had a outward appearance of a black cover.
Shifted to the skeleton, aka the side of the body. This tablet puts the power button on the right side, its position right above the volume button. While the left side there is a SIM card compartment and an expansion memory card slot on one panel. To remove the tray, you must use a special ejector pin available in the sales package.
On the upper side there is a 3.5mm audio jack port, and at the bottom there is a speaker hole, microphone, USB Type-C and a stylus (S Pen) holder. The S Pen hole design has a rather thick surface and is slightly protruding. To remove this stylus pen, just press the lower end of the pen until you hear a 'click' sound. A longer pen section will come out, ready to be pulled out.


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