LG V20 Review: Unique Dual Display, Quad DAC Makes Music More Cool

Mobile phone development is not only happening on the camera, or chipset spec that continues to duplicate. Much more specific, a number of mobile phones are launched with a capable audio chip to be used as an alternative digital music player. Enough as an alternative?
High-priced digital music player (DAP) trends and separate amplifiers that have become the mainstays of audiophile audiences, mentioned can not be replaced with mobile devices. The size that limits the development of the audio chipset to the maximum, as well as other phone functions that are perceived to interfere with the concentration of music functions are considered a barrier.
Then came the mobile-phone with digital audio conversion technology to a qualified analog. Such as HTC 10 which brings a separate chip converter. But that's not enough.LG, in collaboration with Denmark-based sound system company Bang & Olufsen (B & O), brings 4-chip converter (DAC) to the latest product LG V20. Could be, with this technology this phone can be your mainstay digital music player.
Not only that, the LG V20 also carries two LED screens on the front face. It still looks more towards cosmetics than functional, but we will discuss more deeply in the display.

Choice of Color: Black, Silver and Pink
Sales Packages: Mobile phones, data cables, bang & olufsen earphones, manuals, warranty cards, starter numbers
Product Price: Rp 9,000,000, -


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